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Meet Olivia's Orchard

We are a Zero Waste company based in Edinburgh.

Our journey starts with Luxury Aromatherapy Candles.

Our experienced Aromatherapist brings you high quality candles made with soy wax & essential oils. Our candles not only smell amazing but also have therapeutic benefits to create a healthier well being. All our ingredients are 100% natural, including the use of eco friendly wicks.

We have candles to help boost your wellbeing, whether it's to feel calmer, uplifted, motivated & focused, or scents to relax or meditate with.

Our Brand Ethos

We believe in today's world we throw away too much, causing our environment is struggle. Our mission is to bring you the highest quality candles in vessels full of character. To reduce our impact on the environment, all our vessels and packing have been upcycled.

We have chosen Up cycle rather than recycled, to reduce the energy usage required to melt down a jar to make a new fancy vessel to use once, which will then be recycled again. Plus we want to take the pressure off our recycling plants, leaving them available for important recycling needs.

This way as our business grows, so will the character of our candles and the journey of the vessels.